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Application 选项 and 时间线

hjc黄金城官网大学 reviews undergraduate 应用程序s through three first-year timelines (早期的决定 I & II and Regular Decision) and two transfer timelines (fall and spring enrollment). Please pay attention to these dates as you continue the 应用程序 过程.


Application and 援助 Deadlines: 
11月. 15 (ED I)
1月. 15 (ED II)
ED I: Mid-December
ED II: Mid-2月ruary



Application and 援助 Deadline: 
1月. 15



Application and 援助 Deadlines: 
11月. 1(春季)
Spring: Mid-December
Fall: Ongoing after April 1



  • 2月. 1 – Last day to convert a Regular Decision 应用程序 to an 早期的决定 II 应用程序
  • May 1 – Regular Decision enrollment deadline
Is London calling?

Is London calling?

Hungry for adventure? Want to start exploring the world on day one of your Skidmore 经验? Consider applying for the First-Year Experience in London, an opportunity to spend your first semester immersed in the historical and cultural riches of England’s 首都.



We look first at the strength of your academic record — the quality of your high school courses, your achievement in those courses and your recommendations. 

Skidmore seeks students with strong academic ability, intellectual curiosity, creativity, open-mindedness, a commitment to learning and a desire to contribute to a community committed to intellectual and personal integrity and citizenship. 

It is from your essay, recommendations and interview (optional) 那 we will get a sense of your personal qualities. We will pay close attention to your interests, talents, accomplishments in and out of the classroom and what you’ve contributed to your school 和社区. 

While we’re looking for a common spirit of learning and giving, we also seek to enroll incoming classes 那 are as diverse as possible. 多样性 reflects our world, and drawing the best from different perspectives results in greater things. 澳门黄金城的学生 body is composed of students from a wide spectrum of socioeconomic, racial, ethnic and geographic backgrounds. 

Visiting Skidmore is highly recommended but will not weight your 应用程序 in any way. 澳门黄金城理解 那 it’s hard to find the time and means to travel to us, but if you’re able to, we think you’ll find it worthwhile. Consider planning your visit around one of our open houses or campus events. If you’re unable to visit don’t hesitate to explore 澳门黄金城的很多 virtual opportunities to explore campus and connect with members of our community.  

One important question you need to ask and answer right now is simple: Do you believe 那 Creative Thought Matters? To your undergraduate 经验? To the major you choose? To the life paths you 将? If the answer is “Yes,” you should strongly consider applying to Skidmore. 


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